Hairy Productions Sound & Lighting
provides sound and lighting systems
for concerts of various sizes and styles.
From country music to hard rock,
our systems have been a
proven source since 1991.

We offer a wide range of sound
and lighting products to meet the
specialized needs of our customers.

Our sound systems feature a choice
of TurboSound, EV or JBL loudspeakers,
Yamaha LS9, Soundcraft or Peavey mixing consoles,
QSC and TurboSound amplification
and a variety of signal processing.
We also offer many
choices of microphones by leading
manufactures such as Shure,
Sennheiser, EV, AKG, Countryman,
and Audio Technica - with both
hard-wired and wireless solutions.

Our Lighting systems feature
a choice of Par 38 or Par 64
light fixtures, dimmers by
Electronic Theatre Controls,
Fat Frog lighting controllers,
Lightcraft controllers,
trussing, and a variety of stands.

Specialty lighting by Martin,
American DJ, High End Systems and
Lite Quest is available for dances,
raves, or any event that requires
an extra zip.

Technical support, delivery and
set-up of systems is also available.